Monday, March 1, 2010

Winners of Share Your Idea & Win A Trip to Dubai by Wi-Tribe Announced

Wi-Tribe earlier today announced the names of the lucky winners of “What is your Idea of a Dream Valentine“. Here are the lucky winners
  • Dubai Tour (with valentine) : Misbah Imran
  • DELL Netbook: Atoofah Rehan
  • DELL Netbook: Muzzammil Ijaz Ahmed
Atoofah wrote: I would create a story book in the form of a fairy tale for my valentine with our story described in the form of a fairy tale. The story book will also include our memorable pictures for my valentine to keep forever
Muzzammil wrote: I would built a heart shaped boat with enough space for dinner table and two people.would put it on the rooftop of my building, light it up with candles and dinner for two will be setup. this will be my version of boat of love which travels in clouds
As soon as Misbah Imran’s quote shows up, we will update it here.

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