Monday, March 1, 2010

First Pakistan-Made Cell Phone Within a Year

irst Pakistan-made cell phone would be available in the market within a year, Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Naguibullah Malik has said. Talking to APP, he said: “Dialogue with China and British companies in this regard is underway and the first made-in-Pakistan mobile handset would be available in the market within a year.” To a question, he said the government was taking all possible measures to boost the IT sector. The secretary said the government was well aware of the problems being faced by the IT sector. “We will address all the problems of the IT sector,” he added.
Malik said for the promotion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, there was a need for reaching a consensus among the government, IT industry, Telcos and academia to devise effective strategies for the best utilisation of available opportunities. He said focus on the IT and Telecom education, research, entrepreneurship and local industries could boost the ICT sector.
Source: TheNews

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