Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Suggestions for Stopping Mobile Snatching Incidents

The rise in mobile snatching incidents can be clearly seen in the surroundings. Its the easiest way of getting some petty cash at the end of the day.
Government has given one facility to help people block the IMEI and that’s it. Since then government is sleeping with putting a pillow under its head thinking that all the problems have been solved and its time for sweet dreams.
Well, this is simply just not IT!! Bear with me as I have to tell you the big WHY. Just by registering a complaint don’t solve the problem here. Restoring the phone and stopping people from IMEI resetting is the next thing to do.
How many cell phone users end up forgetting their cell phones, despite registering IMEI and all that – but not getting their stolen phones back? I would say 100 percent!
What government can do here is follow following steps..
  • Make IMEI blocking facility more robust. Add more phone lines.
  • Make stolen mobile database update quickly after the complaint lodge.
  • Add SMS based facility to check the mobile IMEI for stolen or theft status
  • Make sure that no shopkeeper changes IMEI numbers through computer software
Society’s Responsibility
  • If you are a shopkeeper, don’t Change IMEI of any phone
  • If you are a shopkeeper and deals in used cell phones, before closing a deal check updated list of IMEI numbers maintained with PTA
Shopkeeper social responsibility - I know, I know. But you have to come out of typical old mindset of “C’mon man! This is Pakistan” for once.
Well, whenever someone shows up at the mobile shop with a mobile to sell, the shopkeeper needs to check the database of “STOLEN MOBILES” first. If the mobile has been reported, then the shopkeeper needs to deny the customer. Or if their is facility then report the customer somehow.
If we all can join hands together, then we can beat this evil. But first, Join Hands!!!

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