Monday, March 1, 2010

PTCL will Introduce ‘Life Line’ Banquet in Near Future

PTCL will introduce a banquet of services for customers, which are already launched for corporate users, called “Life Line”.
This banquet will include security, entertainment, infotainment and DSL internet, told Naveed Saeed, SEVP Commercial, PTCL in an interview with The Nation.
We are told that PTCL is offering IP based security Camera, IPTV, DSL and other similar services in parallel to corporate customers.
We were further told by sources familiar with products that PTCL’s IP based security camera will be WiFi enabled, with charges of Rs. 6,000 per month. Customers will be able to view/monitor this camera from anywhere in the world through internet. PTCL will also record the camera feeds on a remote location, meaning that recordings will remain safe in any given situation.
In his interview with The Nation, Naveed Said further told that PTCL has renovated 50 per cent of the end to end (exchange to user) network, while completion of this project would ensure state-of-the-art quality service.
According to the SEVP, the primary network that is from the exchange to the main cabinets is already on the optic fibre lines while the secondary network onward up to the end user was still on copper wire.
As for the renovation of the secondary network, he said, that the PTCL has been opting for the latest technology called the ONU (optical network unit). He mentioned that the ONU was a stand-alone unit and it requires high power battery.

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