Monday, March 1, 2010

Shocking: PM media cell Using GMail Account

Earlier today I came across this news playing on GEO television network where they showed an email sent from PM cell. The address was mentioned as pmmediaoffice [at]
Went into shock and awe. The government official channel is using GMAIL account. What is going on here? Thought it was some kinda mistake so I just googled the email address and I found the exact email address. Exact Match!!.
Check it out for yourself here
  • When we have all the official IT infrastructure to help the cause then why do they use the GMail account?
  • When we have Electronic Government Directorate to enhance the efficiency of the government, then why do we have GMail account for official purpose?
  • When we have official email addresses backed by Government own IT infrastructure, then why do we keep our mails on public servers?
  • When there is petty amount of tax payers money going to the pockets of providers of securing government communication, then why do we rely on freely available email address?
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