Monday, March 1, 2010

Official: Sami Hinedi moves in as Acting CEO of Wi-Tribe Pakistan

Sami Hinedi moves in as Acting CEO of Wi-Tribe Pakistan while ex-CEO Mohammad Sadiq is going to return to Qtel while being on the BoD of Wi-Tribe, said an official statement.

Mohammad Sadiq, CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan, is set to return to his post at Qtel after successfully completing his term in launching the operations in Pakistan. The announcement came as Group CEO, Sami Hinedi, revealed that he will be replacing him as Acting CEO.
Mohammad Sadiq will still remain on the Board of wi-tribe Pakistan and will continue to provide overall strategic direction for the company to reinforce its growth within the market. “It is sad to bid farewell to one of the greatest leaders in the tribe, but we rest assured that his expertise and guidance will continue as he remains on the board of directors,” said Hinedi.
As a Group, wi-tribe consciously strives to recruit local talent for each operation in order to ensure local knowledge and expertise is applied at all work levels.

Wi-Tribe Pakistan is the group’s largest market to date, and was launched in July 2009 covering four major regions; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.
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