Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E-Care

Screenshot3 Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care

Screenshot Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E CareHere Zong comes with another exciting portal for their users who have access to the internet.
It is something like Telenor’s Web self service but with more options and feature than of Telenor’s web self service.
Named as Zong’s E-Care web portal, which was previously available for only postpaid customers is now accessible for Zong prepaid users too – to manage their Zong Numbers and various related setting .
Located at http://ecare.zong.com.pk:8080/aiecare/index.jsp
How to Register:
All you need is your Zong Number and CNIC – that’s it. And when you login Zong will use your registered name against your Zong connection.
Screenshot2 Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care
Screenshot6 Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care
Once logged in, you can perform plenty of tweaking with your Zong number. You will have full control over whatever you want to play with your Zong Number.
Monthly bill details is only for postpaid customers, however, for prepaid customers there is account recharge history with full details of recharging.
Click on payment history, choose month and click submit: Remember that Zong E-care service will use popup window to show your account recharge history, so allow your browser to let Zong E care site to launch popups.
Screenshot4 Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care
Other features include, account usage details, where you can see your call records, SMS records etc with complete details. I haven’t seen Warid or even Telenor providing account history with these much details even to their postpaid customers on their webportals.
But there is one odd thing here with Zong, it gives account history details for prepaid customers for only last fifteen(15) days. And yes Zong Ecare will use popup windows here too to show up your chosen history details.
Other amazing part of Zong E care is that it can show you remaining Free minutes or Free SMS, or even remaining GPRS package details, with expiry or next package deduction details. Its free YaY.
z Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care
Zong Ecare offer you this facility for recharging any Zong account of friend or  family or your own Zong account using Card Recharge option, just type Zong number and PIN number of scratch card – and you are done.
Screenshot5 Manage Your Zong Prepaid Numbers with E Care
Services activation/deactivation options, settings change, package conversion, lost sim blocking, friend and family options are all other features of Zong E Care – Please note that Normal VAS charges apply for using these features as per Zong Policy.
Zong has done better than Telenor and Warid’s web-portals in terms of features, but Zong may lack behind if we talk about design and user experience.

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