Friday, March 19, 2010

JAZZ Apna Hai – Mobilink’s New Tag Line

Our sources in Mobilink informed us that Mobilink is going to re-launch their prepaid brand JAZZ with a new taglines and that will be from NO SAMJHOTA to APNA HAI.
Recently we had reported that Mobilink’s management asked its franchises to remove all banners/posters and pamphlets containing “No Samjhota” tagline.
The mystery for removing No Samjhota ads has been resolved for now, but Mobilink’s move to change its tag-line is not comprehended by the experts, especially when Ali Zafar is going pretty smooth with all Jazz campaigns.
If this change is only in the tag-line, with no re-launch, no new services, then it is going to be evident that issue was related with Quality of Service, or maybe PTA had asked them to do so.
On lighter note, Mobilink is in Samjhota now with PTA by removing No Samjhota from its ads.

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