Monday, March 8, 2010

Anti-Pakistan SMS Campaign by Indian Cellular Firms

At a time when revolution in telecom is bringing the world together by providing instant communication access over long distances, Indian cellular companies are discouraging its subscribers from making calls to Pakistan.
Reportedly, since Jan 21, 2010 an SMS is being received on the mobile phones to exercise extra care while calling anyone in Pakistan.
Whenever a call is made to Pakistan, the caller receives an SMS;
“You just made a call to ISD Code 0092 (Pakistan’s international dialing code). We urge you to exercise caution while calling unknown number and sharing personal details as it can be misused”.
Launching of anti Pakistan campaign based on SMS technology is the latest ploy employed by the Indian spin-doctors to vitiate the public mindset.
With a massive anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign on print and electronic media in full swing, harnessing the sweep of cell phone technology will only serve to further pollute the Indian masses’ mind.

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