Monday, March 29, 2010

Telenor Karo Mumkin – Play Your Part

karo mumkin1 Telenor Karo Mumkin   Play Your Part

In ‘Matrix’ (the movie), you remember Morpheus telling Neo that nothing in this world is impossible, anything that hits your mind is possible, has a meaning for all of us -particularly during a time when we are feeling low and not up to the mark.
As we covered before, Telenor recently launched this campaign called Karo Mumkin, and company is asking whole of Pakistan to participate through bringing their ideas for bettering Pakistan.
Motive behind campaign is apparent, Telenor Pakistan wants you to think and bring the best of your work forward in order to achieve glorified Pakistan.
Some might think that their ideas are not do-able, or it looks too un-realistic in current situation, but we have examples from past when undo-able was achieved with honor by combined human force, and at times by a single person.
So guys here is the time to re-collect your vision, thoughts and brain – think the way you want Pakistan to be, and share it with Telenor.

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