Monday, March 1, 2010

Ufone Solid Offer May Die on March 5th

Ufone’s Solid offer is going to end on March 5th, 2010 with almost no chances of further extension. We said “no chances” based on our sources in the company and on the record conversation with customer support.
Ufone Solid Offer was launched in January however; it was taken back in a month’s time on February 5th 2010 – with an option for one month extension to those who had already subscribed to this package.
Now we are told that this offer is going to disappear for-ever.
With Solid Offer Ufone customers’ could make free on-net calls after first three minutes, round the clock. This package got so popular that customers started selling SIMs with this package activated, when new subscriptions were not allowed.
Unlike we expected, Ufone is not interested in continuing the package. We think there can be two reasons:
  • Ufone (or all cellular companies in general) may not want to consistently continue such attractive packages. Instead they may re-launch it after some time to retain the customer on their network for long
  • This package was not viable – financially, actually Solid Offer replaced at least 3 other offerings of Ufone, including hourly offerings for day and in the night. Customers excessively converted Uwon, Ghanta Package, Night packages to Ufone Solid Offer – leaving Ufone with less ARPU and high network congestion.
Saying this, let us confirm that we don’t have official words from Ufone yet – however, strong recommendations of our sources suggest that you should start looking for alternate offerings for their long duration calls.
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