Thursday, March 4, 2010

PTA Penalizes Ufone of Rs. 150 Million for Not Following 789 Procedures

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has penalized Ufone for selling SIMs without following SOP, told us sources at authority.
Decision issued by PTA said that Ufone didn’t follow 789 Standard Operating Procedure for activating new SIMs, resulting sale of illegal SIMs, told the source.
Determination said that one of illegal SIM sold by the company was used in a terrorism act in Lahore. Comprising of 17 pages, decision concluded with a strict warning to Ufone to not to repeat the practice and a fine of Rs. 150 million, that happens to be the highest amount of fine to any company in history of Pakistan.
Previously Mobilink lead the race with 60 million fine on quality of service.
We have asked Ufone for its viewpoint, and will update this story when and if we hear from them.
Update: Ufone has confirmed us that they have received the document  from PTA on the 1st of march 2010. It said that company will go through it and will  respond to it within the  given time which is of 30 days .
Complete Decision can be downloaded by clicking this link

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