Monday, March 29, 2010

Mobile Companies agree to Share Their Towers

Cellular companies have agreed upon long awaited tower sharing concept, that was somewhat being implemented at small scale earlier.
Our sources at cellular companies have confirmed us that all cellular companies have agreed to make tower sharing mandatory, if new BTS deployment is in 100 meter radius of any existing site in urban areas or with-in 500 meter radius in rural areas.
With ongoing recession and particularly the power crisis, cellular firms were keenly looking into tower sharing possibilities, which was previously ignored for multiple reasons.
Earlier, back in 2007/08, cellular firms first voiced about tower sharing, however, major players were then reluctant to share their towers. With time, when cellular companies are somewhat similar in network strength, feasibility has tremendously increased for sharing tower and infrastructure.
These days, fuel for un-interrupted power supply is the leading expense for cellular companies. According to a senior official at network company, fuel expense for one mobile company can go as high as Rs. 250 million per year.
It is expected that WLL companies will follow the suit. A group has been formed that will recommend the procedures for sharing towers for WLL companies operating in Pakistan.

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