Monday, August 2, 2010

ZONG launches SMS Delivery Report at Rs10 per month

zong logo 300x132 ZONG launches SMS Delivery Report at Rs10 per month
ZONG has launched SMS Delivery Report today. Keeping in line with its history of providing distinctive services, ZONG has launched the SMS Delivery Report at a very negligible price and will ensure that the subscriber always receives the report for their SMS.
It’s always important to know whether your SMS has been delivered to the recipient or not. Previously, SMS delivery was given by most operators free of cost but due to the traffic on the messaging system owing to these delivery reports, most of the times the operators would shut down the delivery report service. This would leave subscribers in the dark having no option of knowing whether it is a system glitch or their SMS has not been delivered. Currently operators are revisiting their SMS delivery report situation and developing a charged subscription service for this purpose.
This service will add to the list of value added services being provided to its customers. With this service, customers will get information in real time as soon as the SMS is delivered to the recipient and will be assured of the delivery of their SMS on the destination.
For subscription, subscriber can send “SUB” to 533 for activation of this service
The charges for Delivery Report Service are Rs 10+t per month.
source: Telecom Recorder

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