Monday, August 2, 2010

How Girls Should Secure Their Mobile Numbers?

Banner on one of Girls Mobile Number Website
Banner on one of Girls Mobile Number Website
There are countless websites these days, full of girl’s mobile numbers available publicly.
Real problem is that these mobile numbers replicate all over the web on dozens of websites, social media and what not.
Unfortunately, if your number has landed on one of these websites, you are in real trouble, here is the best solution: Change your Number immediately!
Unfortunately, we can’t rely on cellular companies, or even on PTA to resolve our problem because of growing size of such complaints. You can’t register complaint every day.
Even better, following are some ways to make sure that your mobile number doesn’t reach such losers,
  • Never topup your mobile number; use scratch cards to make sure that your number is not shared with anyone. In case of Ufone customer, you can use Ufone Smart Code to keep your number secret even when recharging through Ushare. Zong also offers a similar service.
  • Never allow anyone to make calls from your number, because in-case of a call back (even from a known cousin, friend) your number will get revealed to them.
  • Never accept unknown calls, clearly announce in your family and friends that you will not accept their calls if called from unknown numbers
  • Never store your mobile numbers on Facebook or any other social media profiles.
  • You can maintain two mobile phones, one with primary number that you would never want to change, while another for not very close friends/relatives.
  • Try not to give away your mobile number in CVs, a landline number can work in this case or a secondary mobile number if you have two phones. By the way, if applied for job at mid-sized or small sized company your personal information is highly at risk.
Please share more tips/suggestions in comments!

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