Saturday, August 21, 2010

PTCL Employees Went on Strike over Salary Differences

PTCL employees observed full day strike over “Salary Package 2010” that offers 50 percent pay raise of their salaries in year 2008.
Strike resulted into a virtual halt of almost all PTCL services including 1217, 1218, OSS centers and others.
PTCL employees are demanding Pay Raise by 50% of their current basic salaries as per government’s notification, medical allowance, Eid reward and promotions for all.
Government of Pakistan had issued a notification of 50 percent pay raise of current salaries of PTCL employees.
MoIT Notification Salaries PTCL Employees Went on Strike over Salary Differences
In contrary to which, PTCL management issued following pay raise notification on August 11, 2010.
No. HR/Salary/2010                                              Dated: August 11th, 2010
Inter Office Memo
Subject: Salary Increase for Regular & NCPG Employees
The Management is pleased to announce the following increase in salary for all the Regular and NCPG employees as an immediate relief to cover the inflation in the country effective 1st July 2010.
1. Non-Management Employees:
1.1. For the non-management Regular employees, the increase in salary will be equal to 50% of the initial Basic Pay of PTCL Pay Scales, 2008. This will be termed as “PTCL Allowance”.
1.2. For NCPG employees, the same increase will be allowed in accordance with the equivalent mapped scales as elaborated in the salary package 2008 notified on 29-9-2008.
2. Management Employees:
2.1. For the Regular Management employees, the increase in salary, termed as PTCL Allowance, will be based on the individual’s performance as depicted in the last PMS for the calendar year 2009.
The individual performance will be determined on the basis of the Forced Ranking system as per the following categorization:
S. No. Ranking Salary Increase
  • Top 10% 50%
  • Next 20% 42%
  • Next 40% 34%
  • Next 20% 26%
  • Bottom 10% 18%
This allowance will also be calculated based on the initial basic pay of the PTCL Pay Scales, 2008.
In addition to the above, management, in line with the assigned business targets, is currently considering to issue further incentives in terms of salary increase based on the performance of the company during first and second half of this financial year ending December 2010 and June 2011 respectively. These will be communicated shortly as soon as finalized.
Best regards,
(Shahzad Safdar Khan)

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