Friday, October 15, 2010

Wateen Tops Another Chart, Plagiarization!

Wateen Tops Another Chart, Plagiarization!
When writing a blog online, we have started embracing the fact that it’s going to get copied and it’s going to get copied a lot. And since we already have embraced the fact, we let our stories and content go, well, sort of.
We like our words being spread, even if that’s the way they get it. However, it starts to itch us a bit when that goes way out of the hands.
We usually let people use our content (even word to word) requiring a credit link, just to credit our efforts there (even though it still causes us losses monetarily). But not everyone writes to us to ask, or puts the credit  link, we usually let that go too, unless it’s someone who shouldn’t really be doing that, or does it too often.
In-fact, the latter category, they have installed scripts which automatically lift content from our RSS feeds and effortlessly republishes it on their websites.
Wateen Net 300x173 Wateen Tops Another Chart, Plagiarization!Wateen has finally made it to the said category. Almost all the content that makes it way to the “Wateen’s Infotainment Portal” is scrapped off from blogs around the globe.
We can put countless links here for reference which have been taken off from my website and there are again countless which are being taken off from other similar blogs and for some reason, they didn’t find it serious enough to write us back, when we contacted them through their contact form.
Below are few of the links which have recently been scrapped off from KoolMuzone

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