Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qubee Launches USB Dongle, Claimed as ‘Best in Market’ Device

Qubee has launched broadband USB device “Qubee Shuttle”, the most reliable, state-of-the-art device in the market so far, as claimed by the company in a statement issued today.
Reportedly, device was well tested before official launch. Internal reports suggest the device performs pretty smooth even in less covered areas.
Qubee says that device is the best in class among the similar products being offered by other WiMAX providers in Pakistan as it has the latest technology which drastically improve performance to provide uninterrupted internet experience to the users.
As we reported before, the main advantage of “Qubee Shuttle” is that it is bundled with unlimited downloads at Rs. 1,500 per month.
Following are Qubee tariffs,
Qubee Tariff Qubee Launches USB Dongle, Claimed as ‘Best in Market’ Device
  • Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB
  • Explore Max- Unlimited will be available on Qubee Shuttle only
  • Qubee fair usage policy applies to Explore Max residential unlimited volume package
  • The unlimited packages have no cap on downloads customer make.
  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or
    further reselling as per directives of PTA.
  • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily
    any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.
“Qubee has been actively involved in technology up-gradation since its launch in Pakistan and the introduction of unique, portable and reliable “USB Shuttle” is a reassurance of our commitment to provide our customers amazingly reliable services. Furthermore now our customers can enjoy Unlimited downloads with the same worldclass service,” said Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee.
Moreover, Qubee is also getting good response from its customers in Lahore and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi where the service has been launched recently.
“Response from users in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad is quite encouraging. We are covering almost 80 percent of urban areas of these cities and our team of experts is working hard to extend the coverage to the remaining areas,” Naqvi added.
“We are attracting new users by offering unmatched services for all segments of the market as well as serving the unsatisfied customers who have never been provided quality services,” said Hashim Sheikh, Chief Marketing Officer, Qubee. “We are coming up with new and innovative products and services to cater to the needs of the market and launch of Qubee Shuttle reiterates our commitment to provide high speed and reliable broadband services to customers in Pakistan.”

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