Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PTCL Resumes Operations, Customers Urge Bill Waiver

PTCL employees are returning back to work after almost a month and half long strike.
The longest strike in the history of PTCL has piled up tons of tons of complaints, repair work and other operations’ deficits in all departments of the company.
PTCL exchanges and One Stop Shops are being bombarded with customers. In these conditions, linemen have become un-available due to huge number of complaints.
PTCL staff, in a conversation with ProPakistani, communicated that it can take weeks to get the work to its normal routine. He confessed that strike resulted into no good but troubles for customers and more work for staff to do now.
Whole nation suffered due to employees strike, which concluded recently despite management didn’t agree to workers’ demands.
PTCL employees were demanding 50 percent pay raise, while PTCL management insisted on 30 percent increase in salaries, across the board, while 20 percent another hike based on performances.
On other hands, customers are complaining that line rent of services, which remained out of order during the strike should be waived.
Customers protest that they suffered due to company and their employees, now, instead of compensation company is charging them for services they never used, including but not limited to PTCL land-line, DSL and others.

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