Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Telenor Pulls Back Controversial TVC, Airs Backup AD

It looks that Telenor has decided to pull back its recent most TV commercial of Internet.More, which came under fire from masses due to its over-expressive nature.
We don’t have official words on this yet; however, Telenor’s official YouTube page has deleted the ad that showed a guy hunting for a girl on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS.
Telenor is airing a backup TVC on TV channels, which shots a better use of Telenor’s GPRS.
As we said, we don’t have official words on this matter yet; still, pulling the plug of TVC in question is being termed as positive and sensible response from Telenor’s end.
At the same time, now it is evident that said TVC had thematic problems in it.
Below is new TVC of Intenret.More

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