Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PTCL is Doubling DSL Speed in Phases

We had heard rumors of PTCL doubling broadband speeds for its DSL subscribers in March 2010. We were then told that PTCL may celebrate March 23rd, 2010 by doubling DSL speeds – however, plan got delayed due to capacity limitations then.
Lately, we have received reports from multiple ProPakistani readers that they are experiencing double speeds on their PTCL DSL connections.
PTCL BB PTCL is Doubling DSL Speed in Phases
We couldn’t arrange official viewpoint on this, however, confirmations from certain PTCL users are already available.
Based on sources’ information, we can predict that this doubling of speed will be carried out in phases, while doubling process is said to be completed till August 14th, 2010.
Currently, all users are experiencing double speeds in following patterns:
  • 1 MB upgraded to 2 MB
  • 2 MB upgraded to 4 MB
  • 4 MB – we are yet to receive any confirmation for 4 MB to 8 MB up-gradation
Update: At least one PTCL broadband subscriber has communicated us that his speed was doubled but it got back to its original speed of 1 MB with-in 2/3 days.
As there is no official confirmation with us as of now, so we can’t confidently say that this upgrade is temporary or it gonna persist for all subscribers.

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