Friday, July 9, 2010

EVO isn’t Available in Sargodha, Unlike Claimed by PTCL

biggest liar 05 sign 470x353 300x225 EVO isn’t Available in Sargodha, Unlike Claimed by PTCLPTCL in a statement, earlier this week, claimed that it has taken EVO services to more than 100 cities and towns; however, it turned out to be an exaggerated claim or call it falsified one – as service is yet to hit many destinations including Sargodha.
When we checked our local sources in Sargodha, they confirmed that EVO isn’t available in the city. PTCL Exchanges confirmed us the same.
When contacted to find out official viewpoint on this, PTCL said “It is available in pockets and under optimization /testing, will be available in next two days”.
One may wonder what does this pocket availability mean to a common user?
It would be interesting to find out PTCL’s targets and goals that it wanted to achieve by announcing a service (in mainstream media) ahead of its availability.
Here is EVO ad published in today’s newspaper.

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