Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exclusive: PTCL is Testing 9.3 MB Wireless Broadband

According to our sources at PTCL who wished anonymity have confirmed that PTCL is Testing 9.3 MB Wireless Broadband for possible commercial launch later this year.
However, initial device testing procedures experienced some problems as the device gets heat up early.
Provided by ZTE, these EV-DO Revision B (Rev.B) technology devices are compatible with already laid EVO network. On technical side, ZTE’s EV-DO Rev.B requires upgrading EV-DO Rev.A’s software only, with no additional hardware equipment required. Both ZTE’s EV-DO Rev.A and Rev.B adopt identical baseband chipset.
Sources in the corporation told that PTCL is reportedly testing EV-DO Rev B wireless broadband devices that support upto 9.3 Mb/s download rate and 5.4 Mb/s upload rate.
A well placed source further elaborated that this upcoming device, when tested, gave 600-800 KB download speed, however, it is hoped that the heat problem will soon be fixed.
Officially we couldn’t confirm from PTCL, whether it will ever be launched, but the technology is going to change the way people use internet in Pakistan and PTCL is well positioned to take the first leap in this regard, particularly with its expanding EV-DO coverage.
Unlike PTCL’s other broadband services, EVO has earned healthy reputation in terms of reliability – however, coverage still remains a constraint for subscribers.

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