Monday, June 14, 2010

Zong Revises its Corporate SMS Service

Screenshot 41 Zong Revises its Corporate SMS ServiceZong has updated its existing corporate SMS service with a new brand name and revised tariffs, which was there since Paktel’s time.
Zong Hierarchy SMS is instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been designed for business concerns that require a constant contact with customers and staff via SMS. In simpler words, this service is for mass massaging and for business entities only.
Rate per SMS stands at 10 paisas per text.
New service comes with new features, such as group moderators (agents), Urdu language support and of course a new name “Corporate Hierarchy SMS”.
Zong’s Corporate Hierarchy SMS service comes with following features:
  • Choose SMS language (English/Urdu)
  • Create message templates
  • Check Group SMS Account Status
  • Rename Existing Group
  • View All Groups
  • View Group Members
  • Edit Groups Members
  • Make New Groups
  • Allow inter-group messaging and message transfers
  • Create Agents
  • Give permission to Agents to form sub-groups
  • Assign message limits to Agents for distribution through the corporate hierarchy
  • View Agent statistics
  • Schedule SMS Broadcast
  • View Sent Message(s) History
You can not purchase less than 100,000 text messages while there is no upper limit.
How to Subscribe?
To subscribe to this service, contact Zong sales person or Service Centers.
Service access link:

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