Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ufone Launched Self Care Portal

Earlier today Ufone launched Self Care Portal to help out its customers in maintaining their account. People can now select from a wide range of products offered.
You can find out or change any information required. From viewing CDRs to changing VAS subscriptions, from switching tariffs to maintaining FnF, everything is now just a click away – no need to walk into a customer Support Center or to make a call to avail such services.
Here are the various options that one can avail
  • Customer Profile
  • Billing & Credit Details
  • Transactions Details (Ushare and card reloads – in and out share)
  • Friends & Family Numbers
  • VAS Details (You can add/remove services)
  • PIN/PUK Details
  • Address Change
  • Blocking
  • Restoration
  • Duplicate Bill
  • Tariff Details
  • Shorts Codes
  • Bill Delivery Details
If you change anything via this portal, you will be notified via SMS from Ufone about the changes. Portal can be reached at
There are no portal charges and it is being offered free of cost.
Ufone said that portal is launched by Ufone only to facilitate its customers and enhance customer experience with Ufone. The only charges are for the respective service that the customer chooses to use.
Price mentioned on portal page, Re. 1 plus tax per day are for info services, registration and access to portal is free.
Ufone Self Care Ufone Launched Self Care Portal

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