Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wateen Binds Login IDs with MAC Addresses

In an effort to completely eliminate the chances of multiple use of Login IDs, Wateen has decided to bind login IDs with MAC address of its CPEs (or WiMAX devices) – meaning that one login ID will be applicable for one CPE only.
Earlier, Wateen had made multiple efforts for restricting multiple usage of its account, i.e. one account used by more than one customers, however, this step will leave no chance for multiple customers to use one ID.
By the way, Media Control Access or MAC address is supposed to be unique identifier for network cards/devices across the globe.
However, strategy adopted to implement this policy is causing trouble to the customers. Wateen is asking its customers to provide MAC address of their CPEs, so they can update their records and assign one particular ID for the CPE.

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