Thursday, May 27, 2010

Watch Full Length Movies on Wateen

Wateen has got a portal that is filled with multiple segments ranging from news section to blogs and from games to movies.
It is indeed a good effort to bring forward the local content and that too backed by such a large ISP. This can probably serve as an example for the rest of companies to deploy their portals where users can share content from our local industry.
However, there is a problem that we wanted to point out. Just like PTCL’s entertainment portal (which is exclusively available for only PTCL broadband users), Wateen has started uploading full length movies – on third parties’ servers – and which are available for everyone to watch them.
Now we are not sure if they have got redistribution license for these movies or not. Wateen is not only uploading these full length (apparently pirated) videos from admin’s account but they are also advertising it through their official twitter account.
Here is the link for Video Portal on Wateen’s website:
Wateen Movie Portal Watch Full Length Movies on Wateen
Another question is that why an ISP like Wateen is hosting videos on third party service providers? Because they are illegal?
But let’s take it this way, what if Wateen starts offering services with hosted on their own servers, maybe one day it can replace Youtube? Why not? They can commercialize the project, make money out of it and above all: do a service to this country by providing our own video sharing platform. [Particularly after this big-ban incident]

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