Thursday, May 6, 2010

Incoming MMS On Ufone Goes Free!

After Telenor and Zong, now Ufone is also offering free incoming MMS, which means Ufone customers can now receive MMS without any charge.
Earlier, Ufone was charging same tariff for both sending and receiving MMS.
Additionally, like before, you can send Multimedia Messages to Ufone numbers via email. Process is very simple, just attach images, songs, or anything with your email and send to, for instance: and that’s it.
Note: Make sure attachment size is considerable, 100 KB or less is good.
Tip: You can use email to MMS service to transfer files to friends n family, files of any type, even Word documents. While receiving those files (in MMS), you can save them in phone memory and then transfer to your computer for further use.
Please note that this offer has not been announced on Ufone’s website as of now.
Thanks to Sufiyan Shakil for notifying us about this.
MMS Service Comparison
  • Telenor: Users can send MMS to Emails, Cannot receive Email to MMS, however MMS receiving is totally free. Zong:
  • Zong: Incoming MMS are free but Zong has not started Email to MMS yet, Zong has even disabled MMS to Email to force its customers to use alternate service Zong one, which is not free.
  • Ufone: Users can send MMS to Email, Email to MMS, MMS receiving is free.
  • Warid: MMS receiving is not free, in some prepaid SMS packages MMS receiving is free but customer is charged from the SMS package units. Email to MMS is not available.
  • Mobilink: MMS receiving is free – but GPRS charges apply if MMS size increases 7 KB.

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