Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PTCL Clarifies Facts Regarding Hamid Mir’s Secret Tape

In a press release, PTCL authorities strongly condemned the report and termed it completely baseless and fabricated.“The story contains unsubstantiated material and has been reported without investigating proper facts and does not establish that it was PTCL line through which the call was made,” the PTCL said.
The release reads: “For clarification it may be added that PTCL provides its telecom services to only fixed line numbers therefore if any fixed line number is used it may be shared with PTCL before leveling any fake accusations. While publishing such strong accusation against a public service organization, PTCL has not even been contacted for their version which goes against the ethics of journalism observed globally.
“As per the policy, PTCL cannot record the conversation of any customer and to ensure this, PTCL exchanges have not been equipped with the capability of recording any conversation, thus the claim made in the story becomes utterly baseless.
“PTCL takes pride in being a well-reputed and responsible organization with its rules and policies being strongly intact and observed with the aim of serving its customers in the most effective manner while protecting their privacy. It may be noted that PTCL reserves the right to take legal action in this regard if required,” the press release concluded

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