Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ufone Prepaid Now Offers Pre-Activated International Roaming

For the first time in Pakistan Ufone customers can now avail International Roaming services on their prepaid plans, while this service is pre-activated on all Ufone prepaid numbers.
International Roaming for Ufone prepaid is available over 41 networks in 30 countries.
You can top up your account and enjoy uninterrupted communication while you are abroad. You can even take your scratch cards with you and top up whenever you like.
Keep this in mind that you don’t need to deposit security or any other charges for Prepaid IR; instead you should have credit in your account that will be used during your international roaming. So make sure you have enough credit in your Ufone prepaid account.
Receiving SMS is free, while receiving calls, making calls and SMS is charged as per regular IR tariff.
For Ufone Prepaid IR tariff (calls/SMS) you may need to download this file. GPRS tariff is given here
  • Rates given in tariff file are exclusive of 19.5 percent taxes
  • Pre Paid roaming tariffs (as advertised) will be applicable for services used as per the registered roaming network (irrespective of customer’s geographical location)
  • This service is available exclusively to all Ufone Pre Paid subscribers only
  • Pre Paid Port IN subscribers can avail IR services by default within 24-48 hours of activation.
  • For the USA and Canada rates will vary according to the state or province the user originates the call or service. (For the USA worst case scenario is a total tax of 25% levied on total charge of the Call, for Canada tax can vary between 17 and 20%)
Chief Marketing Officer Ufone Mr. Akbar Khan on the launch of service said,
“This is indeed a major breakthrough in the industry”. “Ufone always has and always will aim to be the first to offer our valued customers the most innovative and hassle free services and packages in the industry, after all at Ufone its always just about U!"

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