Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mobilink’s Advertising Stone gets on the Roll

Mobilink, country’s largest cellular company, in its latest TVC has shifted its advertising approach from what they call sophisticated and decent looking ads to funny, rather mocking TV adverts.
Unlike Telenor, Ufone and others, Mobilink has failed to define its advertising approach over the years. It’s not bad at all that they keep on changing their minds, however, lack of innovation, brining in Indian models and now copying competition’s lines is meaningless and shaky too.
Earlier this year, with new tagline for its prepaid brand “Jazz Apna Hai”, Mobilink relied on Indian crew including the model for several months. That campaign couldn’t leave its impact; in fact it got back fired by the masses.
Now with their recent most offering of ‘Mobilink Bemisaal’, the marketing team thought of getting the attention by taunting Ufone. This way Mobilink has successfully joined Ufone, Zong and Telenor for the taunt race.
Interestingly, Mobilink not only copied Ufone’s advertising approach only but its product idea as well.
We are familiar with Mobilink’s capability of making incredible TV adverts, however, for now its team is struggling in setting its direction.
Let’s see how Ufone is going to respond to Mobilink’s this move, as we know Ufone’s habit of replying to competition in direct manner.
Following is one of Mobilink’s TVC for the said campaign, which hasn’t be aired on the TV so far.

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