Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walton Board is Stealing Passwords, Hosting a Yahoo Phishing Page

Walton Cantonment Board,  which is responsible for holding and controlling most posh living areas like Defence Housing Authority, is sending Phishing emails to internet users of Pakistan.
Emails ask users to verify their Yahoo accounts, and pose as to be sent from Yahoo. However, the page that asks for user-name and password is hosted on Walton Cant Board’s official website.
This incident is a clear evidence of lack of interest from government and semi government organizations relating to information technology. This is merely because of those tech-ignorant bosses, who leave IT work on their webmasters, who are hired on references and not on merit.
By the way, phising is chargeable offense, and an Application to FIA will be enough to take the  culprits to the jail. All evidences are provided below.

Beware: Any information entered on this page will be stored on Walton Cant website, and administrator who is involved in this criminal activity may compromise your account.

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