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Easypaisa Gets Competition: UBL Omni

Aviary ubl com pk Picture 1 Easypaisa Gets Competition: UBL Omni

UBL comes with up with a different from conventional banking service, similar in nature to “Telenor EasyPaisa” but all mobile networks are supported with UBL Omni service.
UBL Omni is branchless banking service by UBL, which means user does not have to go to UBL bank branch to avail banking services.
It does not mean that UBL Omni comes with limited service, all regular banking services are available for UBL Omni account holders like money withdraw, deposit, transfer, mobile cards and bill payments, electricity gas telephone bill payments, Web-portal access, SMS services, Wap services, UBL branch support, Visa card, ATM etc.
All above services of UBL Omni account holders are available, and everyone with CNIC, Mobile Phone (Number) can become UBL Omni account holder with Rs. 500 of cash deposit.
UBL Omni account holders can visit UBL Dukaan to avail their services.
What is UBL Dukaan
UBL Dukaans are just like easypaisa outlets, and they offer following services:
  • Account Opening
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Utility Bill Payments*: Customers can visit UBL OMNI Dukaans to pay their utility bills.
  • Prepaid mobile Airtime purchase
  • Postpaid mobile bill payment
  • Domestic Remittance
*Bills of the following utility companies can be paid at OMNI Dukaans:
(Remaining companies will be added shortly.)
Where you can find a UBL Dukaan?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a list of UBL Dukaans, neither we have any figure about number of total UBL Dukaans in the country. With branch-less banking, number of outlets/UBL Dukaans is going to be crucial – in terms of easy access for customers.
How to Open UBL Omni Account?
To get a UBL Omni account, visit any UBL Dukaan with your Mobile, CNIC and deposit money – that’s it.
You will receive confirmation SMS in real time with details of your account – along with you will be given a copy of recipient.
Within one business day your account will be activated and upon account account activation you will receive another confirmation SMS from number 8257. Than you can start using your UBL Omni account.
Start using your UBL Omni account with UBL Wap, Web or SMS banking.
  • UBL Web portal
  • For SMS banking details visit
Note: You must maintain minimum of Rs. 500 balance in your account, and 25Rs are monthly charges + services usage charges.
Omni customers can also get Omni Visa card with following additional charges
Like Telenor’s easypaisa servcie, non UBL Omni account holders can also send, receive money by visiting UBL Omni Dukaan
Money sending and receiving process for UBL Omni account holders is as following;
Sending Process
1. Visit any UBL Omni Dukaan with original and a copy of your CNIC to initiate the money transfer.
2. Provide the following details to the UBL Omni Dukaandar which is required for sending money:
a. Your CNIC number
b. Your mobile number
c. Your name
d. City where you are sending money
e. Receiver CNIC number
f. Amount
3. You can also provide the following but these are not necessary requirement for sending money:
a. Receiver name
b. Receiver mobile number
4. UBL Omni Dukaandar will enter the details on his mobile and ask you to submit a copy of your CNIC which he will         keep for submission to UBL
5. On successful transaction you will receive an SMS on the mobile number you provided which will contain a 16 digit       reference number for this transaction. It is VERY important that you provide your own mobile number as:
a. This reference number will be required by the beneficiary to collect the funds
b. This reference number will only be sent on the mobile number
6. UBL Omni Dukandaar will also handover a printed transaction receipt containing all the transaction details. Please       keep this slip safe until the beneficiary has successfully collected the funds.
7. Communicate the 16 digit reference number you received on your mobile to the beneficiary.
Receiving Process
1. Beneficiary can visit any UBL Omni Dukaan to collect funds by presenting the following:
a. Own CNIC number
b. 16 digit reference number
c. Copy of own CNIC
2. UBL Omni Dukaandar will verify the availability of original CNIC with the beneficiary and initiate the transaction.
3. On successful execution of the transaction, a confirmation SMS is sent to initiator and beneficiary mobile number       (if provide initially)
4. UBL Omni Dukaandar will hand over the transaction slip and cash to the beneficiary
Sending/Receiving Charges
  • Utility Bill Payment: Free
  • Mobile Voucher Purchase: Free
  • Mobile postpaid Bill Payment: Free
  • Omni money Transfer: 3.35% of the transaction amount (Min. transfer amount Rs. 500)
  • Cash Withdrawal: 1.5% of the withdrawal amount
Fore more details of charges:
Easypaisa Vs UBL Omni: Before we compare both the service (in next post), we would like to hear from our readers, what  they have to say about both the services, even if they are comparable or not?

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